Die Veranstaltung

We introduce ourselves, but especially E-pocale.

Let's assume that we are a group of enthusiasts, we work with passion to the success of this event.

Define us fans is an understatement when talking about vintage vehicles can breathe a magical air. Everything around us disappear or lose importance, just the like where the reason that car, that bike was built, restored, how far has traveled or what did or said that the famous pilot 'brought in the races of his time. As has been restored and by whom, who recovered what and where, for whom, and many other questions seeking passionate responses. Going to a trade show is like walking into a toy store and there is no phrase more appropriate to say that the difference between an adult and a child is in the price of his toy. Here we shall probably be the eternal Peter Pan, why you want to share in this opportunity that was offered to us, to create a toy store for big fans 3 and 4 August 2013 we expect to Tolmezzo (UD). A stone's throw from the borders with Austria and Slovenia lands that many vehicle enthusiasts and historians who will be with us during these days.

e-pocale is this. A meeting place for fans, by those who restores restores a bike by a truck passing motorbikes, scooters, motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors.

"And pocale" is a word in the language carnica, usually placed at the end of a phrase used in an ironic way to defuse the push of a vehicle that occurred due to malfunction, improper repair, or simply forget to refuel.

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